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Interview With David Lupean on MySpace

 Jun 7, 2010

1. When you started your career in music?
It's a long story with music...a part of the members of my family are musicians; my big brother was the first one who began studying music, and at the age of 5 I started with my voice and after 4 years I began to study piano followed by saxophone and bassoon.

2. How long is the band founded?
The band was founded 3 years ago, but officially I can say only 1 year. The members of the band have never been the same, just in concerts I take some help for each instrument, but in fact I am the only one who is dealing with every detail.

3. What is the aim of the new project?
The new project is very different from the first one. If the first album was just instrumental, only piano, the new album will be much noiser but in a good way.I've tried to create a new genre, a new sound that I think will be a great surprise for the public.

4. When comes out the new album?
The new album is almost done, at the end of this year I hope to finish the recordings and release will be at the begin of year 2011.

5. I know that you're dealing with a lot of things. How do you organize your time?
At the begin it was hard to deal with everything such as the design, the writing and recording each instrument separately. In time I got used to it and anyway music is a part of me and my life. I think that if you do something from your heart, it all makes sens, but if you do it just because you have to, it will be a failure. If you establish your goal and believe in it, then certainly you will achieve it.

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